We, as a community of artivists, truly believe that Positive Human Impact begins in your own place: with your own family. The revolution starts Inside, OUT.

This is easy to observe. Just remind yourself, your relationships with your mother, your child or your husband. Don’t you think that happy and conscious relationships are the first step for a peaceful and revolutionary world? Also, your relationships reflect your relationship with yourself.

So, in a Era, where family time is completely underestimate, we as a Positive Human Revolution promoters, would like to offer you unforgettable experiences.

  • Love Cooking Time – sharing flavours, ingredients and stories in the kitchen.
  • Family Jam Session – have you ever imagine to create your own family orchestra?
  • The Story Of Our Life – based on the ancient technique of storytelling – it’s time to share and learn.
  • Impro Family Time – a transdisciplinary method which interconnect the Improv technique, Emotional Management and Clown Games. Very focused on developing communication skills.

If you want to know more, please contact.