InFUSION ARTelier was born has an Intersection Point of Cultures, Arts, Tools, People, Perspectives and Needs.
In a modern world, which is constantly changing, and combining new personal and social development approaches, in order to respond big challenges as War, Migrations, Intolerance, Climate Changes and Natural Catastrophes, Anxiety, Depression and Stress Disorders, InFUSION ARTelier provides a space to explore a POSITIVE HUMAN REVOLUTION.

INFUSION ARTELIERS was founded by Ana Pracaschandra, or Chandra as she mostly adopted as her name.

Since 2007, Chandra worked several years as a Performative Arts researcher and journalist. Has completed a degree in Integrated Expressive Methodologies Applied to the Community, and a postgraduate in Communication and Leadership. She has worked and  learnt from one of the best Innovation Consultants: Diego Parra Duque, Katharsis‘s CEO in Colombia. Some years after, became more focused on being herself a performer: has studied Meisner Technique with John Frey, and explored the art of Clowning with Caroline Dreaming and Mick Barnfather. She truly believes that a playfulness path is the perfect catalyst for Positive Change and Life Quality. Based on this idea, she runs personal and social development workshops since 2013, and works as a Clown in Clowncare since 2015. In this same year she was invited to participate in “Fórum de Ludicidade” in São Paulo, as in many festivals and activities in Portugal, representing “Joy, Play and Arts” as emblematic tools for a happy human revolution. Chandra is also a Laughter Yoga Facilitator and a Certified Coach by ICF, and she’s always updating her knowledge, studying new tools to work with groups, in several environments.

“But my darling what if you fly?”

In 2017 she finished writing her first book, focused in Cape Vert’s music, tradition and travelling. Since early age, that her relationship within music and dancing is strongly cathartic. She has recorded also a first voice collaboration in L’Ennui/ L’ensemble Instable – Creative Sources.

More recently she has immersed herself into a very deep personal, professional and social research, focused in Intercultural Exchange and Ethnology Studies. She has been travelling for half year, in Europe and Africa, interviewing beautiful and inspirational people, taking World Music trainings and doing performative work exploring a diversity of topics such as: Menstruation, Life Cycles, Mask, Myths, Rites and Rituals

Chandra consider herself a type of IN-FUSION: a melting pot of cultural influences, with a surprising professional background in JOURNALISM, PERFORMANCE AND EDUCATION.